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dear sir;

Many books have been written, expressing the view that the creation stories and the patriarchs are pure mythology; that the exodus from egypt never happened or it only involved a small number of people; and that the conquest of canaan never happened as described in the bible. They use the documentary hypothesis to show that the bible/torah

was written by multiple authors many centuries after the events happened. More recently

I have seen books authored by “orthodox” jews making these same claims, the most famous to date is Dr James Kugel. My question is: how can one deny the basic tenets of orthodox judaism and still claim to be orthodox?

To be “orthoprax” is easily understandable because of the many societal benefits of the orthodox life-style; however, to be truly orthodox, one must hold the torah to be immutable and inerrent. are these people hypocritical or delusional or what?


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