The power of a movement lies in the number of its members, their organizational abilities, and the financial resources it can muster to implement its goals. If you can help in one of these ways, please contact us. If for some reason you cannot help us but do support us and our ideas, simply joining us and giving us a way to contact you will show support, endorsement, and encouragement.

Financial assistance

Money is the most important factor for an organization and gives it breathing space!!! Each financial contribution makes you a partner in action and is necessary for the continuation of our activities, but a set monthly pledge also allows us to plan ahead for future activities. Anyone interested in setting up a direct monthly debit can do so through the banks. Please let us know you have made such arrangements so that we may sent you a receipt.

Recurring donation:

One time donation:

To the order of: Emet Torah U’Mada B’Zmaneynu (Registered Organization)
Bank HaPoalim, branch 720
Branch address: Achi Eilat, Kiryat Chaim
Account number: 395836
Checks may be sent to P.O. Box 1019, Kiryat Tivon 36015.

Volunteer activity

  1. Organizing parlor meetings (minimum 15 participants) with the goal of attracting new members and supporters.
  2. Organizing in-depth seminars (minimum 15 participants) on religious outlooks, Jewish history, Jewish literature (Bible, Mishnah, Talmud, Halachic literature, responsa). The seminar meets for five sessions of four hours each. The goal of the seminar is to expand the circle of knowledge amongst Israeli citizens and their understanding of the need to separate religious institutions from the state.
  3. Sending essays and pamphlet in the mail to the Charedi and religious communities to create a dialogue between the religious and the secular, to increase critical thought in groups whose leaders forbid thought or doubt about religious dogma.
  4. Distributing pamphlets and essays to religious and Charedi people in the course of their everyday lives: at work, while they travel, at leisure, in the army…
  5. Helping parents and families whose children are in the process of returning to religion: explanations of the general phenomenon, various ways to talk to the child, psychological, legal, and sociological solutions.
  6. Ideological and philosophical assistance to those leaving religion. Those boys who have questions forbidden in their communities turn to Daat Emet and request clarification from one who studied and left, a man who knows the Talmud perfectly and is also expert on the methodical academic perspective.
  7. Establishing student groups at universities, colleges, and high schools.
  8. Distributing Daat Emet materials to acquaintances, friends, forums, and the media.
  9. Daat Emet needs people who want to help us with educational initiatives in the institutions of Israeli society: elementary schools and high schools, youth groups, colleges and universities. Daat Emet is initiating a comprehensive curriculum and hopes to implement it in the educational system.

Contact us by e-mail or by phone (03-610-6688).